Finance & Insurance

Finance and Insurance

You will need to budget as much as £10,000 for your PPL training, including ground school, aircraft/instructor costs, equipment, and exams.

Many students take a long time to complete their PPL with the main reason being funding, which is a false economy. The ideal way to complete a PPL is to study ground school first and pass the exams; then, when you have the funds, do the flight training in as short a time as possible. Some flying schools offer intensive courses, so it can take as little as 3 to 4 weeks to complete the course, weather permitting. In the UK, it is almost certainly worth setting aside this time in the spring/summer months — between mid-March and mid-September. You may prefer to split this up and do a week or two at a time, or several days at a time, but the main point is that if you leave more than a week between lessons you are going to “get rusty” and have to go over things again — which is costly in terms of total hours. Keep in mind that the average PPL student probably takes 60 hours flying to complete the course! The shorter period you take the course over, the less flying time and expense you will need.


Approach Aviation can help to arrange finance and insurance, and also has a sister organisation which can arrange aircraft insurance for those who choose to purchase their own aircraft.

In addition you may choose to take out life insurance that includes flying, to cover your family; although accidents and incidents are rare, and safety is central to GA flying, just like driving and other activities it is a good idea to consider insurance cover.

If you complete your training at a club/school and then hire their aircraft, their insurance should cover you for the aircraft and third-party risks but you may want to take out personal injury cover too, or make sure your existing policies cover you.

Further information on insurance is available from brokers such as Export & General.